SysPros is your network engineering firm.

We are the plumbers of the computer world. Network engineers design and install the high-tech pipes that keep information flowing and then stick around to fix leaks and clogs. A network can be as small as a company's intranet or as big as the World Wide Web.

A college degree is a good start, but this is the kind of job where knowledge is gained hands-on through the years of experience we have. It requires the foresight of a chess player to see how one change in a system will affect operations 10 steps down the chain.

Like the other services we provide, network engineers are riding high on the data boom. Positions are out there for qualified professionals along with the opportunity for rapid advancement.

Most networks get their heaviest use during business hours, maintenance and upgrades often have to be done during odd times. We are prepared to clock in after everyone else has gone home.